Immediate help needed in Ukraine
Help Christian schools and other communities impacted by the ongoing war in Ukraine

“We provided the refugees with beds and mattresses and other necessary supplies and equipment. They also started catering in the school kitchen with state support. Although [some of the buildings] have not been used so far, we handed over our recently built laundry room to the refugees, so those who stayed in our kindergarten and later in the school came to us to wash and dry.”—Director at a Christian school in Western Ukraine.

ACSI Supports Ukrainian Christian Schools Offering Refuge to Fleeing Families

Your donation will go towards helping the immediate needs of those impacted by the war in Ukraine. Here are a few of the ways your gift will support those most in need:

  1. Assisting with expenses of evacuating school staff and students
  2. Supporting Christian schools that are housing refugees
  3. Helping Christian schools continue operations during the war
  4. Post war restoration
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